Maple Syrup

Want FREE syrup?  If you have an abundance of maple or walnut trees and don’t have the time, I’ll tap and process the sap from the trees, and you’ll get ample supply of the Captain’s bounty free of charge and I will process and sell the rest.

GOT MAPLE (trees)?

Learn how to tap and boil syrup.  Give the Captain a holler and I’ll walk you through the process to include tree requirements, supplies, and the boiling/bottling process.  No charge.

Our youngest son putting in the first taps of the season in our very first season–2015
Sugar Sand

Sugar Sand. That “silt” is called “niter” or known in the maple syrup industry as “sugar sand.”  It is nothing more than the minerals in the maple sap from the tree that aren’t totally removed in the filtering process. It’s harmless, but many producers filter it out to give a perfectly clear product. We leave Captain’s Gold syrup in its natural state, with a thin layer of sugar sand, which forms at the bottom of the jars over time.  The sugar sand can give a slight texture to the syrup in the bottom of the jar. Just shake the bottle or leave it there—it’s still a treasure trove for your taste buds.

We made this video to celebrate our successes in the 2019 season. If it looks like an advertisement for Smoky Lake Maple Products, it is. Check out They are great folks up in Hilbert, WI. Actually, it was a submission for a contest (which we didn’t win!).

Courtesy of the International Maple Syrup Institute