All Captain’s Gold® products are a treasure trove of delicious flavor and wholesome natural goodness.  Honey, jams, jellies, and pure maple syrup…Arrgh Matey!  They’re all worth walking the plank over!

Treat your family and friends and savor the splendor of the Skipper’s Secret Stash!

Why Captain’s Gold®pure maple syrup:
Maple syrup isn’t a refined sugar.  It has zero high fructose corn syrup that other “so called store-bought syrups” have.  It’s never processed so it still has all the wealth of minerals and antioxidants nature intended.  Did you now that just ¼ cup has 100% of your recommended daily allowance of manganese along with 37% of the riboflavin, 18% of the zinc, 7% of the magnesium, and 5% of the calcium and potassium your body needs.  Additionally, 60ml of pure maple syrup gives you the same antioxidant value as a banana, and it has a low glycemic index too.  In other words, it won’t drive up your blood sugar like corn syrup, refined sugar, or brown rice syrup.Maple syrup has 1/3 fewer calories than you find in the same amount of sugar.  And there are no chemicals or preservatives, making it a high-quality natural food you can enjoy worry-free.

Why Captain’s Gold®raw honey:
These bees are amazing! They produce the best tasting honey around. It is raw and natural and good for you. Our bees harvest nectar from wild flowers near our house in Campton Hills and Elburn. The honey is processed straight from the hive and filtered only to get out the largest impurities leaving a golden treasure that’s amazing in taste and great for you!